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During the 2007 legislative session, HB 85 and SB 529 were passed; both bills supported insurance coverage for children’s hearing aids in New Mexico.

However, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, a federal statute, may exclude employees of large self-insured companies or government agencies from following any state mandates for health coverage.  Therefore, some parents that reside in New Mexico may still receive denial letters when requesting payment for their child’s hearing aids. 

Below is a brief guide on what you can do if your child is denied insurance coverage for hearing aids, as well as other supporting information and the New Mexico legislation that requires insurance coverage for eligible children.

Children's Hearing Aid Appeal Information

For information on House Memorial 16 which led to the passing of HB 85 and SB 529

House Bill 85

Government contacts for appeals

Website links about hearing loss in children

Hearing aid insurance mandates in other states