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The Department of Community Advocacy (DCA) provides individual advocacy, systems advocacy, community education, outreach, transition services, and the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP).


See more information about our services on the pages linked here:

Individual & Systems Advocacy

For individuals who face communication barriers in employment, government, legal, and business settings. Please visit: Advocacy


Community Education

Free presentations on a range of topics related to hearing loss. Please visit: Community Education


Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP)

Lends telecommunications devices at no cost to qualifying New Mexico residents who need assistance in communicating on the phone. Please visit: Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program


NMCDHH participates in multiple events throughout the year to educate the community about our services and about hearing loss.  We attend events such as:

  • Professional Conferences
  • Legislative Events
  • Health Fairs
  • Community Events


Transition Services

Advocacy and referrals for school-to-college or school-to-work transitions.  Please visit: Transition.


For additional information or to request services, please contact:

Corina Gutiérrez
Director of Community Advocacy


Telecommunications Relay Service

NMCDHH is the administrator for Relay New Mexico as provided by Hamilton Relay. Traditional relay services offered include TTY, voice carry-over, hearing carry-over, speech-to-speech, Spanish and CapTel®. Relay services connect people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or speech disabled to people who use standard telephone equipment. NMCDHH also monitors and implements quality control as regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

For more information on Relay New Mexico and to download brochures about the services offered, please visit the website: Relay New Mexico.

For more information on the Telecommunications Relay Service, please contact:

Nathan Gomme
Relay Administrator